About CaMeLi

With the predicted increase of the elderly population in the coming decades, it has become increasingly important to develop inexpensive, easy to use services to assist elderly people in daily activities and improve their quality of life. These services must be designed while keeping in mind that human assistance may not be feasible or not at the quality that can be provided in current or past circumstances due to the disproportion of available human care-givers and the number of elderly people in need of assistance. The European research program AAL has sought to preemptively solve this emerging issue.

Screenshot of the CaMeLi system

CaMeLi is a two year AAL project seeking to provide automated services with the purpose of assisting elderly people in their daily activities and assist in the provision of a comfortable quality of care. The CaMeLi project utilizes common tablet devices, installed in the living quarters of the user, with innovative avatar interfaces that are able to recognize the users’ affective state and behaviour as well as express emotions and other human-like behaviours. This virtual avatar thus assists in the daily activities of the elderly user and is able to aid in the care of the user through a Co-Care communication platform consisting of actual formal and informal human care-givers.

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