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Public Deliverables

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Deliverable No. Deliverable Name WP No. NatuRe Dissemination Level (Public or Restricted) Delivery Month
D1.1a Specification of user needs and analysis and design of ViP model. WP1 Report Restricted 8
D1.2a,b Specification of use case scenarios and User Interface. WP1 Report Public 8,16
D1.3 Ethical, privacy and legal considerations. WP1 Report Public 6
D1.4a,b User pre-trials evaluation WP1 Report Restricted 9,17
D2.1a,b Specification of the User emotion recognition component. WP2 Report Restricted 8,16
D2.2 Specification of the emotion-expressing, Avatar based, User Interface. WP2 Report Restricted 8,16
D2.3a,b Specification of the user behavior and environment analysis component. WP2 Report Restricted 8,16
D2.4a,b Technical specification of the ViP component. WP2 Report Restricted 8,16
D3.1a,b Design and specification of ICT-based services WP3 Report Restricted 8,16
D3.2a Specification of the Co-Care and dispatching components. WP3 Report Restricted 12
D3.3a,b Home Care Daily Services / dispatching component / Co-Care tool. WP3 Software Restricted 8,16
D4.1a,b Specification of overall system architecture and security and privacy infrastructure. WP4 Report Restricted 8,16
D4.2a,b Specification of CaMeLi system integration. WP4 Report Restricted 8,16
D4.3a,b System integration validation. WP4 Software Restricted 8,16
D5.1 Trials specification and design. WP5 Report Restricted 8
D5.2 Privacy protection plan. WP5 Report Public 8
D5.3a,b,c Pilot setup and deployments. WP5 Sotware/Report Public 8,16,24
D5.4a,b,c Pilot acceptance evaluation results. WP5 Report Restricted 9,17,24
D5.5 Overall system evaluation and initial deployment. WP5 Report Restricted 24
D6.1 Public project website. WP6 Software Public 2
D6.2 Dissemination strategy and plan. WP6 Report Public 3
D6.3 Exploitation and standardization strategy and plan. WP6 Report Restricted 8,12
D6.4a,b Business strategy. WP6 Report Restricted 12,24
D6.5a,b IPR Directory. WP6 Report Public 3,24
D7.1 Yearly/Final financial and progress reports. WP7 Report Public 12,24
D7.2 Final management report. WP7 Report Restricted 24
D7.3 Project quality handbook. WP7 Report Restricted 3

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